Take time for yourself and enjoy the preciousness of the moment!

Reservations made relaxed
In order to serve you at your preferred schedule, we strongly recommend to make your reservation for your preferred treatments before arrival when making the reservation for accomodation.

Call us on +49 331 23 200, we are happy to advise.

Make yourself a home
You can enter our spa & wellness centre via lift or a stair case even wearing a bathrobe. Please wear antislip flip flops.

For safety reasons, we recommend to leave all cash and valuables at the safe in your room. You may easily book all services provided at the spa & wellness centre without cash to your room number.

White cotton socks are needed for the use of the sole chambre for hygienic reasons. We are happy to sell such socks to you when you are here.

Take your time
Take some time before you come to the scheduled treatment. We expact you about 5 minutes ahead of your appointment in our chimney lounge. You may take a warm shower or a bath in our pools.

Enjoy your treatment 
Your personal therapist will expect you at the chimney lounge. Before any treatment she / he will ask you, which preferences you have in respect of your scheduled treatment in order to make best use of your valuable time of treatment and to best meet your expectations and needs. We are happy to consider any kind of wishes (in regard of music, temperature, light, and pressure of massage).

In case you are not able to make it
As your scheduled appointment is exclusively reserved for you, we kindly ask you for your understanding that we will not be able to provide a discount if you are running late. Scheduled appointments can be cancelled up to 24 hours before without any charge. If a cancellation is made within 24 hours before the appointment, we ask for your understanding that we need to charge 100% of the agreed fee if we are not able to arrange for another guest who takes your appointment (timewise).

A relaxing atmosphere for everybody
Our spa & wellness centre is a location to get rest, calm down and find back to silence. Please let your mobile phones or other electronic devices at the safe of your room and try to speak down when talking to others. You will yourself feel that thoughts will slow down and the daily stress will go away while silence and peace will take the place the former leave behind.

At our wellness bar in the chimney lounge you will be able to order non alcoholic drinks, freshly drawn beer as well as wine and sparkling wine and a wide selection of Ronnefeldt-Tea. For security reasons we kindly ask you to leave bottles and other devices made out of glas and fragile material away from the spa & wellness centre.

There are lots of sleeping chairs and seats available. You do not need to bother to “make reservations” by leaving your towel at a specific spot in order to make sure you will get a nice spot again. Our staff is adviced to take personal devices away from lonely chairs if needed.

Our guests’ privacy is one of our focusses. We kindly ask you to not take any photos or videos. This is not allowed in the spa & wellness centre. Please note that the spa reception as well as both pools are observed by video cameras for security reasons only. After 24 hours all records are deleted.

Children may use the indoor and outdoor pools when accompinied by grown up assistants (e.g. parents). The use of the spa area and the gym are open for every guest being at least 18 years old.

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Michael FriedrichReception manager

Silke KurzmannReservations manager

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