We have the following services to make your event a success:

Basic equipment:

  • Projector from 3200 – 3500 ansylumen
  • Screen (electrically extendable as well as mobile)
  • Flipchart
  • Pin board
  • Presentation equipment

Nice to have:

  • Extendable stage in the conference room “Bellevue 1” (max. 3m x 9m)
  • Lecterns (plexiglass, book top)
  • Projection tables
  • Writing sets
  • Wireless presenter
  • Microphone systems, cable microphones, radio handheld microphones, head set, tie microphones
  • Loudspeaker box for your laptop
  • Desktop switch 81
  • Three-phase A.C. current 400 V, alternating current 230 V
  • TV monitor
  • Disk piano
  • Flagpole use (max. 3 flags)
  • Luggage storage
  • Cloakroom service
  • Production of table displays and name badges

Here we have external support:

  • Equipment form Translations
  • Table microphones
  • Video conferencing equipment (incl. video camera)
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Michael FriedrichReception manager

Silke KurzmannReservations manager

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