If begins the spring with a grandiose frog concert on the island Hermannswerder, bloom pink magnolias trees at INSELHOTEL Potsdam and served in the summer sunshine on our sun terrace, served in the summer sunshine on the terrace, a refreshing the white beer “Berliner Weisse mit Schuss” or
colorful foliage leaves appear in golden autumn island especially appealing and maybe you might feel a little anticipation of a white winter time with crispy Christmas goose …

With our following special deals (arrangements), cordially invite every season to enjoy an exciting new experience:

  • wellness intensiv arrangements
  • special arrangements
  • wellness arrangements without accomodation

Information requirements according to European package travel law
(valid with effect from 1 July 2018)

  • We would like to inform you that the Aquamarin Spa & Wellness Center is not suitable for persons with reduced mobility (wheelchair).Our hotel rooms are partially not suitable for people with reduced mobility (wheelchair). Please contact us!
    In the case of activities carried out by our external service partners, you will find the contact details, the language details, any minimum number of participants, information on mobility restrictions, and the dogs in the respective arrangement.
  • The minimum number of participants for certain hotel services (if relevant) are indicated in the respective arrangement.
  • Regarding our information requirements for foreign guests on general passport and visa requirements, we would like to point out that entry for nationals of other EU countries is possible with an identity card or passport without visa. For non-EU nationals, the entry requirements are generally different and we kindly ask you to inform your consulate in advance about passport and visa requirements as well as health formalities. We are happy to assist on request.When booking an arrangement, you will receive further information. These are integrated into the booking process on our website as advance information (the General Terms and Conditions with the information on limitation and limitation periods as well as the withdrawal periods and Form 11) and require an active confirmation before the conclusion of your booking.
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